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Crucial Topic: Getting to the Root Cause

I promised more about problem solving.  Here’s another way to go about identifying and solving a problem:  Listen carefully to the complaints of each party and ask the question, “And what about that makes it a problem?” Or, “How is that a problem for you?”  In short, try to get at the root cause. Here’s […]

Topic: Problem Solving

Once you have managed to turn the conflict into a problem that both parties can work on solving, you have come a long way.  The next task is to equip the players with methods of problem solving that will enable them to reach some potential solutions. There are many approaches to problem solving.  I find […]

Conflict Management: The Miracle Question. An Important Topic

Today my focus is on “What to do next?”  You’ve centered yourself and you have learned a lot about what is upsetting the person who has come to you.  What now? I suggest that your next task is to determine the next best move to make.  I’m all in favor of finding out even more.  […]