Ever worry about how difficult it is for supervisors and managers to hold people accountable in the workplace?  Why won’t they hold their employees accountable?  What is preventing them from taking appropriate action?  Is it lack of training?  Is it fear?  Is it a lack of caring?  Is it a lack of clarity about their role and responsibility as a manager?  Are there barriers to accountability in the culture of the workplace? When there is a lack of accountability in the workplace, there is a subsequent loss in productivity.  The impact upon employees who witness this lack of accountability is significant – often resulting in as much as a 50% loss in productivity!

We help people and organizations overcome these problems.

Those who take a stand with low performing employees have a slight edge that makes all the difference in the world.  The difference is seen in the productivity of coworkers and their job satisfaction.   When a supervisor or manager gathers the courage to confront poor performance, that act lets everyone else know they can count on their boss to support them in their efforts to achieve excellence.

Leaders Edge Alliance is a division of Goldsand Consulting, Inc.  We are committed to help you gain the expertise you need and want to be a successful leader in today’s economic environment.

Russell C. (Rusty) Sanders

Professional Summary

Hello.  I’m Russell Sanders, Psy.D., founder and president of Goldsand Consulting, Inc. and Leaders Edge Alliance.  I prefer to go by my nickname, Rusty.

My careers over a period of thirty years have focused on working with people, helping them to identify sources of pain and to formulate workable goals for the future.  I’ve worked with a cross-section of employees from C-level executives to line employees.

I’ve been a life-long learner.  My education and work experience has equipped me to help people succeed.  As a speaker, facilitator, educator, and trainer, I’ve used those platforms to help people to work through conflicts and maximize their effectiveness in the workplace.

I love to see people make discoveries that are exciting –enabling them to go back into their work environment armed with new attitudes, skill, tools, and energy.

You probably are much more concerned with the issues that have brought you this far, but I think I have an obligation to let you know of my educational background.  So, here it is in a nutshell:

Education and Training

School:   University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, CO

Major:   Counseling Psychology

Degree:  Doctor of Psychology

School:  Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, TX

Majors:  Pastoral Counseling and Theology

Degrees:  Master of Divinity and Master of Theology


School:  Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX

Major:  Psychology

Degree:  Bachelor of Arts 

Licensure:  Licensed Psychologist, Colorado

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