Define Your Team’s Mission and Purpose

by Berton Lee Lamb, Ph.D. A comment on Tip #44 from R. C. Sanders & M. Marks (2021) Improve Your Leadership Skills: 76 Tips for Getting Work Done Through Others. The Tip: “Define your team’s mission and purpose. The clearer your mission and purpose, the easier it is for your people to get behind and […]

A Mystery: Intent vs. Impact

When workplace conflict arises, most often someone or several people have been impacted in a negative way. What do you think of when you get impacted in a way that feels awful?  Here are some reported reactions. “I feel stunned!” ” I feel very angry!” “I think this is so unfair!” “I want to get […]

Setting Expectations

The complaint “why can’t they just work it out!” is heard in many a manager’s office.  Larry was almost grinding his teeth when he was asking for help with two of his employees.  “I’ve told each of them, just get over it! And, get back to work!” “Yet every other day, one of them shows […]

A Team Leader’s Guide to Feedback

As a team leader it is important, even essential that part of your role is to make sure that feedback occurs. Why?   Consider that feedback is simply information.  When there is an outcome to be achieved, and the target is not met 100%, then information about what went into missing the desired outcome is critical […]

The Illusion of Control

Susan was known as a control freak. It seemed that the more control she sought to exert, the worse the situation became. In her department people just couldn’t seem to perform. Yet every time she tried to correct them and chastised them for not making their numbers, and further behind they seem to go. Not […]

Preventing and Responding to Conflicts in the Workplace

To: Small Business Owners: No matter how careful you are when hiring, workplace conflicts are likely to occur.  Such conflicts, if unresolved, can cause damage to any enterprise. So, what is the small business owner to do?  Avoid conflict?  Smooth over disputes?  Or, prepare for conflict and know what to do when and if conflict […]

Conflict Management: Agreements and Consequences

In the conflict resolution process, once you have completed the problem solving process, it is now time to lay out the agreements. But what good are agreements if there is no way to see to it that they are upheld?  Typically we think about the agreements first and then look to the consequences.  I can’t […]

Crucial Topic: Getting to the Root Cause

I promised more about problem solving.  Here’s another way to go about identifying and solving a problem:  Listen carefully to the complaints of each party and ask the question, “And what about that makes it a problem?” Or, “How is that a problem for you?”  In short, try to get at the root cause. Here’s […]

Topic: Problem Solving

Once you have managed to turn the conflict into a problem that both parties can work on solving, you have come a long way.  The next task is to equip the players with methods of problem solving that will enable them to reach some potential solutions. There are many approaches to problem solving.  I find […]

Conflict Management: The Miracle Question. An Important Topic

Today my focus is on “What to do next?”  You’ve centered yourself and you have learned a lot about what is upsetting the person who has come to you.  What now? I suggest that your next task is to determine the next best move to make.  I’m all in favor of finding out even more.  […]