Berton Lee Lamb, Ph.D.

Berton Lee Lamb is the managing partner in the firm Negotiation Guidance Associates.   Lee and Rusty are good friends and colleagues who conduct negotiation trainings together.  In addition, Lee has over thirty years of experience teaching natural resources negotiation.  Together, they offer our course Step Up To Negotiation.  You can read about it at Negotiation Guidance Associates.

Negotiation  should be viewed as a part of everyday life.  Yet, when you think about all of your negotiations, do you remember some difficult times?

We all remember those times.  Lee’s speciality is to help people achieve success in negotiation. Sometimes those negotiations may involve many parties and sometimes they are one-on-one confrontations.

Although the context of the negotiation may be different, the goals remain the same.  At a minimum, we are striving for the best result or solution possible while still retaining the relationship with the other parties.  Negotiation coaching can help us achieve these goals.

Here is an example: Lee was working recently with a client who had a difficult relationship with an employee.  The options were to terminate the employee, council the employee, or design an improvement program.

Lee was able to work with the client to design and implement a negotiation strategy.  The result was an improvement program where both the client and employee felt comfortable.  The employee knew what had to be done to improve and the client had a good way to evaluate performance.  It was a result they had built together.

That is how coaching works.  Lee is proud to be a collaborator in Leaders’ Edge Alliance and looks forward to working with Rusty to help today’s managers become excellent leaders.

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