Our Services and Programs

Leaders Edge Alliance offers a variety of programs and services designed to increase the competencies in every level of your organization.  In addition to providing training programs that are designed to increase the skill level of your managers and supervisors, we also offer life-balance workshops for line employees.  We customize our programs to fit the specific needs of your people and your organization.

Training Programs

Our program entitled The Foundations of Leadership Training Series is the core of our approach and is designed to support your organization’s managers and supervisors in their roles as leaders of orgnaizational performance.  Overall, the training series gives managers proactive tools to meet their biggest challenge:  getting work done through others.  The Foundations of Leadership Training Series participants learn about specific managment and leadership skills such as resolving conflicts, managing change and understanding leadership styles to name just a few.  To visit our entire catalogue of training topics click here.

Executive Coaching

This is an intensive focused approach to developing specific leaders inside organizations. This process begins with a 360 degree evaluation of the coaching client’s leadership strengths and areas for growth. An initial face to face meeting is scheduled with the client to develop a goal oriented coaching plan. Six additional face to face sessions are scheduled with the coaching client over a 6 month period.  Phone coaching sessions are scheduled in between the face to face meetings. The process is concluded with another 360 degree evaluation to measure goal attainment.

Team Building Process

All teams move through specific stages of a developmental process. Teams have communication, trust and functioning issues when they don’t successfully complete a stage of the development process. The team building process focuses on identifying the specific issues and designing interventions to resolve them using a group dynamics approach. Team building processes can be designed to be a half day up to multiple day offsite experiences. Specific goals are set with the team members for each process.

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