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Preventing and Responding to Conflicts in the Workplace

To: Small Business Owners: No matter how careful you are when hiring, workplace conflicts are likely to occur.  Such conflicts, if unresolved, can cause damage to any enterprise. So, what is the small business owner to do?  Avoid conflict?  Smooth over disputes?  Or, prepare for conflict and know what to do when and if conflict […]

Conflict Management: Agreements and Consequences

In the conflict resolution process, once you have completed the problem solving process, it is now time to lay out the agreements. But what good are agreements if there is no way to see to it that they are upheld?  Typically we think about the agreements first and then look to the consequences.  I can’t […]

Conflict: A Topic That Stands Out in the Workplace

Is conflict a hot topic?  You bet it is!  Every time I am with a work group and ask, “What is the first thing that comes to mind when I mention the word ‘conflict’?” Here is a list of the terms that come up – almost universally:  Irritating, annoying, anger, frustration, oh no- not again, […]