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Who We Work With

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar to you? 

“I got promoted recently into a new supervisory role.  What a rush!  That good feeling lasted, at the most, two days.  I thought people in my department would be happy for me.  WRONG!  I soon discovered I had competitors going for the same position…  Now what do I do?”


“I’ve got this poor performer in my section.  I’ve talked to my boss about him — no real response!  Then I went to HR.  They told me there was nothing I could do until I had enough documentation.  The poor performer is still at it!”


“My team has been grumbling about one of their colleagues’ poor performance.  When I was taking another employee to task for not completing a project, she replied,’You hold my feet to the fire, yet you let ‘____” slide by.  Everybody’s talking about it!’  My question is:  what do I do now?”


I have a group of employees who are frightened about budget cuts and layoffs.  How am I supposed to motivate them when I cannot make promises in this time of budget shortfalls?

If any of these examples come even close to your experience…

Recognize that  people don’t appreciate how difficult it is to manage people.  Holding employees accountable for their performance and maintaining a good solid trusting relationship is an art form!  And it takes a lot of courage to be accountable as well.

We partner with managers and supervisors to identify what can and cannot be changed, then support them in developing “the courage to change the things they can” and then help them to have “the wisdom to know the difference“.  We work to  achieve the slight edge that can be the difference between success and failure in the long run.

Supervisors and managers who will most likely be successful working with us are:

  • willing to work on themselves.
  • NOT seeking quick fixes and platitudes for answers.
  • really wanting to gain the courage to be accountable and hold employees accountable.
  • seeking to learn new skills and use them at work.
  • open to accept constructive feedback and ake action on it.
  • hungry to learn and want to have fun doing it.

Managing is hard work – work that is not often appreciated until huge problems develop.  We understand that reality and we strive to provide leadership tools and skills that make the work more manageable.

So what’s next?  If any of the above descriptions and scenarios apply to you, go to Our Services And Programs page.

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