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The Illusion of Control

Susan was known as a control freak. It seemed that the more control she sought to exert, the worse the situation became. In her department people just couldn’t seem to perform. Yet every time she tried to correct them and chastised them for not making their numbers, and further behind they seem to go. Not […]

Conflict Management: The Miracle Question. An Important Topic

Today my focus is on “What to do next?”  You’ve centered yourself and you have learned a lot about what is upsetting the person who has come to you.  What now? I suggest that your next task is to determine the next best move to make.  I’m all in favor of finding out even more.  […]

Artful Dialogue: Creative Communication at Home and Work

 A new Workshop presented by: Dr. Russell Sanders, Psy.D. This training addresses the difficult times in relationships when we feel like we are a deer caught in the headlights — feeling frozen and not knowing what to do in the midst of an unproductive conversation.  Knowing how to spot these unproductive moments and having options […]


At a major hospital system in Colorado, a week ago, I was privileged to be with a group of new supervisors who were enrolled in my course, Stepping up to Supervision. The participants were from a cross section of hospital departments including supervisors, managers, and directors.  The eagerness of the participants to learn in the […]